N Human Sorcerer, 60


A thin, sly old man.


A wry and experienced old man, Ziltoid has an unsettling set of powers and an odd preoccupation with coffee. Born before Sandpoint’s official founding, when the location was simply a traditional winter camp for a particularly large Varisian tribe, Ziltoid made few friends growing up, with many viewing his powers and inclinations as suspicious and bound to bring bad luck. While he was befriended by a young Koya Mvashti, one of the few who disregarded that particular set of Varisian superstitions, the pressure eventually became too much and he left, studying under a number of magicians, summoners and witches in hopes of understanding his own powers. He has only recently returned to a much-changed Sandpoint and reconnected with his old friend.


The Jade Circus Miramelle