CN Half-Elf Ranger, 29


A half-Varisian with black hair.


Although new to the area, Vax is becoming better known and liked within the community, as working for Sandru Vhiski imparts a great deal of acceptance. The accidental offspring of an elven noble and a common woman from Magnimar, Vax and his twin sister were taken in by their father at a young age when his family discovered their existence. Chafing at the elven lifestyle and their family’s strenuous expectations, the pair soon left, traveling across Varisia and bound for Magnimar, hoping to find their mother. Unsuccessful, the two settled in the port city, where Vax was eventually taken under the wing of an Osirian merchant’s guard. He currently works as an itinerant hunter and caravan guard, most recently in the employ of the Vhiski caravan.


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