Sandru Vhiski

NG Human Rogue, 35


Ruggedly handsome, this dashing brown-haired man proudly wears many shining ornaments.


Only a few years from middle age, Sandru Vhiski is a charming man, handsome and irreverent in precisely the ways that could have made him a highly successful Sczarni con artist, even before one takes into account in the fact that his older brother, Jubrayl, is Sandpoint’s local Sczarni leader. Sandru doesn’t live in Sandpoint, although he considers himself one of the town’s citizens nevertheless. He’s only in town a few days out of every month, for his caravan is one of the region’s busier examples. Traveling with his adopted mother Koya Mvashti, his employees Jaeda and Ivar, and his close friends Bevelek and Vankor Dalmuvian, pair of Varisian brothers, Sandru makes the trip from Riddleport to Magnimar to Korvosa several times a year. While he makes enough money on these journeys from trade, money isn’t Sandru’s primary motivation—he loves the road, and he loves the tradition. It doesn’t take much to get Sandru talking about Varisian history, dance traditions, scarves, fortune-telling, horses and wagons, landmarks and legends. In the off-seasons, when weather makes travel too dangerous or too uncomfortable, Sandru prefers to stay in Magnimar, where he helps other Varisians with his carpentry skills and flirts with the political scene in that town. He’s not yet had the conviction to fully become a representative of his people in Magnimar, though, since he knows the call of the road will pull him from any local responsibilities as soon as the rains clear each spring.

In spite of his brother’s insistence on the importance of blood connections, Sandru is far more attached to his adoptive family, looking after his sometimes-exasperating mother and alternating between doting on and cheerfully bickering with his younger siblings. Zork has grown too old for him to cart around on his shoulders, but they maintain their long-standing overdramatic banter. Sandru’s latest fixation has been his pretty younger sister’s (nonexistent) love life, aggressively driving off would-be suitors before they have a chance to approach her, something Dao has so far been unaware of; his frantic efforts have provided no end of amusement for those around him.

Sandru Vhiski

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