Saengdao "Dao" Mvashti

CG Human Sorcerer/Oracle, 17


A short girl with dusky skin, long black hair and unnaturally large black eyes.


An unexpected late addition to Koya Mvashti’s sprawling family, Saengdao is a quiet, sweet presence in the background of her brother Sandru’s caravan, concerned with running the day-to-day minutiae of the large group. Commonly mistaken for Shoanti, Saengdao (whose strange name often gets shortened to Dao) is from somewhere far to the north, having traveled south with her now-deceased mother as a tiny child. She retains a working knowledge of several northern languages, but is to this day unable to place where she came from. Magically powerful but lacking confidence, the girl is a natural seer and remarkably adept with Harrow cards, though rare bouts of temper show other, more destructive powers. Confounded by the odd mix, Koya has enlisted the aid of her old friend Belvedere in helping her control her strange abilities. A faithful devotee of Desna, much like her mother and older brother Zork, she has always felt a connection to the skies and has a small but growing collection of star charts and navigational tools.

Her friendly, social nature is impacted by a strange disability, the complete loss of any known language when stressed, angry or frightened, but she has managed to make a large number of friends in Sandpoint despite this and her odd displays of magic. One of Sandru’s former flames took a shine to her and has begun tutoring her in the traditional sultry Varisian dance. This, her exotic beauty and kind nature has made her increasingly sought-after by local young men, something that has driven Sandru to distraction trying to prevent. Frequently found mending or embroidering her brothers’ or their many employees’ laundry, her predictable life has recently acquired a source of disruption – Amaya Kaijitsu has been delighted to find another girl her age interested in books, and has taken to dragging her shyer friend along on misadventures, much to Dao’s consternation.

Saengdao "Dao" Mvashti

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