"Captain" Jaeda Rhett

CN Halfling Cavalier, 31


Plump but strong, with short and spiky white-blonde hair and warm brown eyes.


With a quirky sense of humor and jokingly long-suffering attitude, Jaeda has been working her way across Varisia for years in the company of various caravans and traders. She hails from a rural community of farmers, but gleefully admits that that life never suited her. A hard worker and able carpenter, her skills and knack for working with animals has earned her the position of head driver, the effective second in command of any wagon train. She and Sandru get along incredibly well, often helping him manage the finances, and while not Varisian herself is very willing to accept Koya’s occasional direction per the whim of visions and card readings. While the origins of her nickname have been long lost, it still earns the occasional eyeroll and half-grumble from her. She has some sort of connection to Magnimar’s Trade Coast Alliance that she can lean on when it comes to stretching certain regulations or bypassing tolls, but is closelipped about exactly what that connection is. She’s a former sailor- it shows in her speech and commanding voice, and she often has to correct people that she was never really a ship’s captain, but instead a bosun. Anyone of the nautical persuasion can recognize the whistle patterns she uses to order the wagon train, though modified from their original purpose of running a ship. A calm, stable and patient presence, she keeps the caravan running and does her best to settle disputes before they start.

"Captain" Jaeda Rhett

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