Amaya Kaijitsu-Erarett

NG Human Monk, 18


Slim and athletic, with pale skin and dark brown hair and eyes.


Impulsive and reckless, “Maya” is a cheerful young woman who has yet to find her calling in life. The daughter of Longiku Kaijitsu and a minor Chelish noblewoman, Amaya was sent away to a Vudran monastery at an early age. She took easily to the physical aspect of martial arts, but never had the talent or discipline required to master the more mystical aspects or the practice, choosing to sneak away from such lessons and explore the temple, hide in the library and befriend the staff, a group that included a bodyguard from her estranged father’s family. At fifteen she chose to leave the monastery, accompanied by her guard Demyan, and travel to Westcrown in hopes of meeting her mother. After a disastrous encounter and complete disownment, the girl chose to remain in Westcrown, eventually falling in with a budding group of rebels. Her defiance of the oppressive regime was short-lived, however, after recieving news that her father and most of his family had passed away. Desperate to meet her sole remaining relative, she hared off to Sandpoint, appearing on her half-sister Ameiko’s doorstep quite unannounced. Though their relationship is slightly strained, she has lived with her sister for the last year and has become an amiable local nuisance, befriending the local fortune teller’s daughter, learning the art of glassworking and routinely bothering the sheriff, various fishermen and her sister’s long-suffering manservant.

Amaya Kaijitsu-Erarett

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