The Jade Circus

Out of the Swamp

Having destroyed the Licktoad Goblin tribe and burned the old fort they had taken over, the unlikely group has made it’s way home to Sandpoint to lick their wounds, check in with friends and family, and claim the reward for the ears they collected along with the bounty on Chief Gutwad’s head. While incredibly startled at the sheer volume of goblins slain by the party, Sheriff Hemlock has gratefully paid, though he rather wishes their methods had not included unsupervised arson and is mounting a patrol to check that the blaze has not spread. Aching and exhausted, Ameiko has opened her manor to anyone who needs a place to stay. Requesting that the group reconvene the next night at her tavern, The Rusty Dragon, she has since since limped to the local fortuneteller’s house to request healing from an old friend, accompanied by Zork and with Maya in tow. Demyan went on the hunt for the owner of a wedding ring found on a goblin’s thumb, while the rest of the group has scattered to spend their newfound wealth and rest.



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